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In 1997 with 25 players in Anatolia, in spite of many obstacles, founded " Umut Theater " staged many theater plays, theater culture has brought to children in village schools. In 2000 " Anka Theater " has been established for adults, Epic theater plays staged. These theaters, the founders of the authorities at the artistic efforts of many theater group, and together with famous players theaters symbols, people have acquired ingratiate purpose. Established on 2007 " MBIT " Interactive advertising agency technology and art for projects combining Turkey 2009 At the beginning of the international cast and model agency" Model Agency International " established. Sector overcome the shortcomings of the sector in order to defend the rights of workers and firms in the sector " Universal Culture and Arts Association " under the agency was established.

About Us

" Model Agency International " organization of an international cast-model management agency. Organization, production, advertising agencies, such as the work of many firms in the sector World-wide staff . . . Model = Example, an agency. . .Fashion Week-Fashion-Exposure-advertising projects for Top Model, Fashion supply of local and foreign. Cinema-Series-Film-Ad-Clip Player-Model-stunt-vocalists supplies for their projects. Printed media metals without (Catalogue-Brochure-Banner-Billboard-Indoor-Outdoor) Fotomodel supplies for projects. Concert-Festival-Convention-Opening-Event-to-launch-meeting-party organizations such as The Soloist, Vocals, Music Team, Famous Actress, Celebrity Fashion, Noname model, hostess, dancer, Animator, circus, Show Groups, DJ supplies, etc. offers quality and reliable service in all countries in many areas.



Preventing the continuation of inaccuracies in the industry, sector, provide better-more accurate shaping.



Discovering young talents, to introduce all the world.



As the founder of a new system, case studies become the leader of the world in general.